Throwback Thursday: "Polly Want a Cocktail?" by Pamela Green

"Polly Want a Cocktail?" 14"x17" Colored Pencil. 2005.

I wanted to give some of you a more juvenile side of me. This illustration entitled, "Polly Want a Cocktail?" depicts a relaxed parrot enjoying his wine and crackers. As a teen I had a series of pets–rather birds: canaries zebra finches, parakeets, etc. My slight obsession with birds carried for many years until this day. They were my inspiration for this, along with household furniture and the need to tame my dozen canaries. This drawing hangs upon my mothers wall back home in New Jersey where it is recognized as one of my childhood achievements. I won 1st place in illustration (at the Hall of Records Art Show in 2005 in Freehold, NJ) with this piece. It was my second competition (since the 5th grade) I entered to win top prize.

Oh, what imagination I had back then...