Your Feedback by Pamela Green

Over these past few weeks I have asked several of you for feedback on my website regarding  my craft, website's layout, and/or any ideas for the future. Most of the feedback I received was quite positive... and I thank you in that regard. However, some of you pointed out some very valid points, which ultimately lead me to write this entry. Here's what some of you had to say:


Overall, I appreciate your site. Love the layout, the about me and the sections... however, your work doesn't seem real. It looks staged. How can I believe it was you who designed this? 

It actually took me quite sometime to decide a proper layout for all of my designs. I tried placing my works on different backgrounds (wooden tables, grass, on top of a kitchen sink) nothing seem to catch the neutral and simplistic look I aimed for. As you can see, a lot of my works have huge amounts of color, so it was best to use the white canvas of my site and push it further with images.  I can assure you a lot of what you see are actual created pieces. However, for the outmost clearest display, I created the renderings you see from the original files. To balance this out I've combined these renderings with some photographs seen throughout. 


The descriptions of your works seem pretty light. I'd like to know more about your involvement in these pieces...

I have always believed that the work one produces should speak for itself.  However, I do understand some of you would like to  to know my process and how I went about designing certain works. I have included a brief description for all my works, also giving a gift  ("What you get") to those of you who read.  I will also update my blog from time to time and give an in-depth description of a selected piece from my site. Other than that, you can always contact me directly!


You have a blog on here, which takes a lot of commitment, what will you do here to keep your audience interested?

Having a blog on any website is a HUGE responsibility. As well as an other social networking tool. I have learned that updating must be frequent, however, if you love what you do... writing an entry here and there shouldn't cause much of a hassle. Fortunately I live in the Big Apple, so I am over saturated with design on a daily basis. I will be writing reviews of my works, giving critiques of designs I may come across, and sketch here and there. Also, as I am a developing designer, there are a lot of learned lessons, successes/failures that I have come across in my career. Possibly write about that as well.


I thank everyone for the honest and constructive criticism, and believe me when I say ALL of you have been taken into consideration. If  there's anyone else, pleases do not hesitate to comment below or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!