Campaign Consistency (with Interchange Four) by Pamela Green

Interchange Tri-fold brochure, 2014

Interchange Tri-fold brochure, 2014

Many of you have seen my marketing campaign for the launch of Interchange Fourth Edition, and many of you have not. When a product launches, it is best to provide your audience with as much information as possible–in a diverse amount of ways (word of mouth, print, web, etc). But whose to say that your product begins and ends with launch material?

Throughout ANY products existence, it is our role as marketers to develop alternative strategies to maintain customers interest. What you are seeing here is a continuation of marketing materials through print. This brochure is the third one produced for the campaign, and has shifted apart from the basic saddle stitched piece. This is specifically designed for college professors–in order to freshen their knowledge of various components that Interchange offers.

[Note: This is not the only piece I have designed for Interchange since its launch in 2013. It's actually one of DOZENS including emails, display stands, etc.]

Have you noticed that within each designed piece, there is a consistent look and feel to it? Whether it may be the colors used throughout, the typography, the images, the grid structure, etc. ALL of what you see is practically the 'brand' of the product. This gives our product a unique look that is recognized throughout the world.

If you're curious about the other side of this piece, or would like to see more... shoot me an e-mail. I will be happy to show you!

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