Conceptual Strategy to Unique Design by Pamela Green

Our conceptual approach was to combine the location of all our branches to produce a unique geometrical shape. Once, that was developed we began to style this shape in a way that would appeal to a generic audience (both male and female of any age).

Our conceptual approach was to combine the location of all our branches to produce a unique geometrical shape. Once, that was developed we began to style this shape in a way that would appeal to a generic audience (both male and female of any age).

If there's one thing I've learned from many years of being a graphic designer, its that strategic and conceptual brainstorming (when thoroughly examined) will more than often lead to a unique design. Now, of course there may be certain styles and elements that may seem similar to something you've seen previously, but the overall presentation is what makes any and every design piece 'unique'.

The marketing communications team of Cambridge was given the opportunity (for the first time) to work together to produce its 2015 catalog for ESL. This team consisted of multiple designers, with varied levels of expertise as well as different cultural and personal perspectives. In anycase, our initial approach was to think conceptually into the design of­–brainstorming visual possibilities, as well as digital, keeping in mind of what Cambridge is in its entirety. 2014 (at the time of design), was a year of transition as Cambridge launched several digital materials for its first time. We definitely wanted to reflect and maintain that ideal throughout the cover.

Again, being that this was our first time collaborating with a global marketing team, we also wanted to express our partnership in a more abstract way. After all­we exist solely due to the cooperation and collaborative efforts of hundreds of individuals on a global vector. So, in what ways could we express that ideal, without using the typical cliched' globe icon, or images of?

Once we finished our initial approaches and sketches, we decided to build structure based on all of Cambridge's branches on a map, connecting them to each other (as we are connected, ourselves). The lines presented represent the strength of our connection, as we decided to eliminate the literal depiction of a map. We then looked at several visual options to place within and/or around this newly developed shape, as we wanted to maintain some sort of humane element. Photographs did not work as strongly as the textural backgrounds and so we began to dabble with a play of color. In the end, our cover was produced, giving us a unique look that is not typical of educational publishing.

It's the Thought that Counts... by Pamela Green

Laptop Card, 2013

Laptop Card, 2013

It was around that time of year, folks. Yes, it was. It was HIS birthday and for the longest amount of time he mentioned how much he wanted a laptop. "I want this one. OH look Pam! That one is on sale! Wow 4 RAMS and a duel-processor!" Just about four months had passed since his first mention of a laptop and the thought lingered constantly within (Pam just get him the blasted laptop already). But when the time came, I simply did NOT have the funds. I mean of course it would've been an awesome present, but sometimes you have to choose an alternative route.

If you personally know me, well-even if you don't: I am a very creative individual. Even when it comes to gifts, I seriously think about a present months ahead of time. In this particular scenario, I didn't want to get him an average laptop, I wanted it to be a great one. But once again, I did not have the funds. So I thought of other ways I could give him his laptop, but just not an actual one. At first I decided to bake a cake, then I was going to buy a small tablet, or perhaps settle and buy a used one... but with the days proceeding October 15th was right around the corner. What you see pictured here is the end result. Yes, I designed a card.. and why not?!

I initially started with a logo similar to Hewlett-Packard's. I thought it'd be cool to mix our names together and then scrambled for free metallic textures online. After that was of course implementation and design. The keyboard, screenshots, pictures, etc. The little symbols you see are elements of our lives (companies we work for, what we like, his obsession with Facebook, etc). After that it was a matter of choosing the right card-stock and printing from home. 

Now I know this is not a typical entry, but not everything I design is for business.... sometimes its just the though that counts. I'm glad he loved it! 


Holiday Update 2014! by Pamela Green

Hello Everyone,

I do hope you have enjoyed your holidays... time seems to breeze on by with every passing year. Sigh* I just hope you all manage to make the most of every moment you breathe, and not live life to simply exist. As we all know, life is not about existing, its about making each day a memory. Sounds bogus and maybe a bit cliche("Each day Pam? That's impossible.") –but seriously, if you're not stepping outside of the box or doing something you've never done before at least every 2-4 months, you're not taking advantage of what this world has to offer.

I know for some times have been difficult... it's hard to maintain true happiness when you have financial obligations, sick relatives, and a hindered heart. I know at times you may feel completely hopeless and that you are at world's end. Just remember there is no end to Earth. It is not flat, nor is this planet black and white. This planet its a revolving element which constantly provides new opportunities (in time). I promise you with continued effort, patience and a positive mindset you WILL be given something. There is no end/limit to what you can do... you just have to believe in it. It will happen...

[But, moving along]

Just wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of some things I've been working on, and what to expect in the upcoming year. You'll be seeing some marketing materials I've designed for Discovery, as well as some freelance works (invitations, logos, website modifications, branding) and maybe some sketches. If these works do not make it on my portfolio page/homepage I'll be sure to post them here. Free of course, for you to comment a critique.

With all else, take care!



New Addition: McGraw Hill's Connect ESL by Pamela Green


Hell everyone and Happy December!

I've added a new portfolio piece on my site: McGraw Hill and Cambridge's Connect ESL! Since being such an established company, I was more so responsible for maintaining the branding from McGraw Hill by producing various print materials for marketing. I was also placed in the position to update the current logo from Connect, to Connect ESL to promote the new partnership between McGraw and Cambridge. 

More coming soon before the New Year! So please be sure to check in!


Your Feedback by Pamela Green

Over these past few weeks I have asked several of you for feedback on my website regarding  my craft, website's layout, and/or any ideas for the future. Most of the feedback I received was quite positive... and I thank you in that regard. However, some of you pointed out some very valid points, which ultimately lead me to write this entry. Here's what some of you had to say:


Overall, I appreciate your site. Love the layout, the about me and the sections... however, your work doesn't seem real. It looks staged. How can I believe it was you who designed this? 

It actually took me quite sometime to decide a proper layout for all of my designs. I tried placing my works on different backgrounds (wooden tables, grass, on top of a kitchen sink) nothing seem to catch the neutral and simplistic look I aimed for. As you can see, a lot of my works have huge amounts of color, so it was best to use the white canvas of my site and push it further with images.  I can assure you a lot of what you see are actual created pieces. However, for the outmost clearest display, I created the renderings you see from the original files. To balance this out I've combined these renderings with some photographs seen throughout. 


The descriptions of your works seem pretty light. I'd like to know more about your involvement in these pieces...

I have always believed that the work one produces should speak for itself.  However, I do understand some of you would like to  to know my process and how I went about designing certain works. I have included a brief description for all my works, also giving a gift  ("What you get") to those of you who read.  I will also update my blog from time to time and give an in-depth description of a selected piece from my site. Other than that, you can always contact me directly!


You have a blog on here, which takes a lot of commitment, what will you do here to keep your audience interested?

Having a blog on any website is a HUGE responsibility. As well as an other social networking tool. I have learned that updating must be frequent, however, if you love what you do... writing an entry here and there shouldn't cause much of a hassle. Fortunately I live in the Big Apple, so I am over saturated with design on a daily basis. I will be writing reviews of my works, giving critiques of designs I may come across, and sketch here and there. Also, as I am a developing designer, there are a lot of learned lessons, successes/failures that I have come across in my career. Possibly write about that as well.


I thank everyone for the honest and constructive criticism, and believe me when I say ALL of you have been taken into consideration. If  there's anyone else, pleases do not hesitate to comment below or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!