It's the Thought that Counts... by Pamela Green

Laptop Card, 2013

Laptop Card, 2013

It was around that time of year, folks. Yes, it was. It was HIS birthday and for the longest amount of time he mentioned how much he wanted a laptop. "I want this one. OH look Pam! That one is on sale! Wow 4 RAMS and a duel-processor!" Just about four months had passed since his first mention of a laptop and the thought lingered constantly within (Pam just get him the blasted laptop already). But when the time came, I simply did NOT have the funds. I mean of course it would've been an awesome present, but sometimes you have to choose an alternative route.

If you personally know me, well-even if you don't: I am a very creative individual. Even when it comes to gifts, I seriously think about a present months ahead of time. In this particular scenario, I didn't want to get him an average laptop, I wanted it to be a great one. But once again, I did not have the funds. So I thought of other ways I could give him his laptop, but just not an actual one. At first I decided to bake a cake, then I was going to buy a small tablet, or perhaps settle and buy a used one... but with the days proceeding October 15th was right around the corner. What you see pictured here is the end result. Yes, I designed a card.. and why not?!

I initially started with a logo similar to Hewlett-Packard's. I thought it'd be cool to mix our names together and then scrambled for free metallic textures online. After that was of course implementation and design. The keyboard, screenshots, pictures, etc. The little symbols you see are elements of our lives (companies we work for, what we like, his obsession with Facebook, etc). After that it was a matter of choosing the right card-stock and printing from home. 

Now I know this is not a typical entry, but not everything I design is for business.... sometimes its just the though that counts. I'm glad he loved it!