One Happy Island... by Pamela Green

Visiting Aruba has undoubtedly broadened and shaped my limited perspective of the values and morals of another culture. In case you may not have known, I am an absolute stranger when it comes to traveling abroad. The fact is, I haven't. This entry will mark my first vacation (yes, at this late age) outside of the United States.

The reasons behind choosing Aruba are simply due to the desire to trace my roots. My parents were born and lived in Aruba for quite sometime until they migrated to the United States. Since then, I have not been exposed to their culture; nor have met my relatives overseas. Once I obtained my Passport, Aruba was THE first place to go. In an effort to summarize my entire experience, I will not only show the typical tourist side of Aruba... but the actual lifestyle and lively hood of its citizens. So enjoy this entry, this is a long and very informative one! Note: I took ALL photos through the iPhone 5...

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