Another Day, Another Venture by Pamela Green

In one's design career, (in particular: mines) you may be approached with a lesser creative opportunity than you would hope. When I was presented with the product of Ventures, I was given an extremely tight deadline (a week design time) to produce various print collateral to promote the new 2nd Edition. This included brochures, flyers, eblasts, teacher development correlations, sales kits, chapter walk-throughs, etc. Yes, all of what you see below were quickly mocked together, without branding resources. 

There was no time fully and comprehensively analyze competitive companies, or new approaches, let alone to present these various ideas to product/marketing managers, ( only for them to travel up the hierarchy of command to show them why your approach would be successful). What they needed was something NOW and something quick. Of course, there are upsides and downsides to working with assignments of this manner, the number one being quality. With appropriate time, a designer can develop beautifully crafted works. This of course, with TIME.  When the option of quantity becomes priority, you WILL loose on other aspects of work as well. No way around it.

As designers, as marketers we KNOW it is of most importance to maintain the integrity of your company. However, when placed in difficult situations you can only contribute what you have in a days time. As I look back at a these jobs 'well done' I can only look forward to the rebranding of these materials for a second shot, when there is sufficient time for research, practice and execution. This does not end nor begin with Ventures. Even as I look back at college assignments, previous works for clients I am at a constant, wanting to go back and tamper with alternate approaches. I can be my worst critique, but I believe thats what pushes me to design more constructively, and creatively as a designer.