New Addition: NY Blood Center Campaign Concept: "If the Shoe Fits..." / by Pamela Green

"If the Shoe Fits, Donate." Campaign Concept for New York Blood Center. 2014

I have always been an advocate towards assisting those in need. Joining the New York Blood Drive (over a year ago) is just a small step towards me becoming a full time humanitarian. Out of the millions of attempts I've tried to encourage others to donate, I've only managed to persuade two. Literally, two.

How can I encourage others who actually donate? This was the question I constantly asked myself as I developed the “If the shoe fits...” campaign.

Scrolling through various social sites only enlightened me of the mindset of our youth who value articles of clothing above all else (even their own well being). Individuals who only care about their hair, nails and sneaker collection. It became apparent that most of us aren't aware (or care) about the environment/individuals who are fundamentally the reasons as to why shoes even exist! We are ultimately willing to disrespect, lie and steal from our fellow people, in order to gain objects of physical substantial value. If it not a matter of clothing as a necessity, its the brand of the clothing that is of most importance.  So how can I encourage others who are more interested in fashion and materialistic values, to actually donate?

One way I decided to go about this was to start from the ground up, in this case starting with shoes. Each shoe would represent individuals from different genders, personalities, status' , professions and interests to which quickly attracts a wide range of spectators. Attached to these shoes are stories–to which describe scenarios/events that leads up to the reasonings for donating.  By doing this, I was able to shift the attention away from the product, to trigger an emotional response. After all, donating is way more serious than we would like to believe.

Dealing with such a quick paced audience, this message had to be conveyed in the most simplistic and direct form of communication. We in New York, are no stranger to the floods of designs we encounter on a daily basis–our attention span to an ad/design is very shortened. These are the reasons for keeping design minimal, with one centered and bold image. The theme of red, white and blue is well maintained as it is intended for an American (New Yorker) audience. From posters to websites, and from attendance cards to e-mail campaigns, what you see here are the developments of an idea, and a simple concept/direction that hopefully one day an organization can explore.

You see donating blood to me is a sacrifice, a gift, and a reward-all wrapped into one act. One very small act to which we should ALL be obligated to contribute (of course–if we all physically able). I sincerely believe that the more we help each other, the stronger we a unit, as a society and as a human race.