Revamped, Relaunched, Revised, Re– / by Pamela Green

–hopefully you get the idea.

I am proud to announce the relaunch of my online portfolio! After many months of deliberation, indecisiveness and all around pandemonium (well, maybe not the pandemonium part), I have finally relaunched this site with a cleaner and more direct interface. The focus in being--to reveal my artistic style through representations of my work.

My portfolio is my art gallery, to which has been created with the intent of attracting and inspiring a viewing audience. With this gallery, you will be able to see works that I have done throughout my career, from the very beginnings of time–up until my most recent ventures. With all of that in mind, I have minimized the navigation of this website as so:

Showcase This page will feature fully conceptualized works. This will range in Creative Direction, Marketing, or UI/UX design.

Archive This page will contain all previous works that have been created throughout my artistic career. A majority of these works will be single freelance jobs and/or single purpose media.

Contact Pretty much self explanatory.

As for my Journal I have decided to take the attention away from blogging, since expressing myself visually is my strong suite. BUT–I may get that itch to write from time to time. When I do, you will be able to locate these posts within the right-hand navigator of my Archive. Or you can simply go to

I will also have a Shop for selective works throughout my site. You will have to have a keen eye if you're looking to purchase anything you see. This will also be located under

"My portfolio is my art gallery..."

With all I bid farewell, and encourage you to take a gander, leave comments and share this gallery with spectators alike.